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Why Work with Happily?


Happily is a nationwide network of freelance event producers, coordinators, and assistants who specialize in all types of event management and onsite logistics. Whether you are just curious about what a career in the event industry is like or a pro looking to expand their portfolio, skill set, and network, Happily welcomes you to jump into the fire with us! 


Build your portfolio

Happily gives you access to the most creative brands, event companies, non-profits and individuals looking to team with the best operations team.

Book gigs faster

You receive gig alerts after we vet the clients, gather their requirements, and negotiate rates. All you need to do is make sure you're a good fit and avail.

Be part of a team

Working alone definitely has its perks, but joining Happily lets you tap into a wider network of resources to help you get the job done and learn new tricks.

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Our Team Values


We choose happiness... even when times get tough, we stay focused on the positive. And, in doing so, we inspire our clients, vendors, team, and guests to enjoy life to its fullest. 


We value cooperation over competition... there are plenty of stars in our galaxy! And, our approach to service through teamwork actually makes our uniqueness shine brighter!


We've fully embraced our inner event nerd... we swap notes, takes classes, and learn by doing. And, let's be real - knowledge is the power that which fuels our ambition!