How we work

The Braintrust is a curated circle of executives in Happily’s freelance network who provide guidance and direction to ambitious and innovative projects.

Our mission is to elevate experiences.

We do this by:

  • Joining projects aligned with our purpose and experience

  • Approaching problems with curiosity and diligence

  • Being generous and gracious with our ideas and feedback

  • Providing support and safety for everyone on the team

  • Improving our knowledge and wellbeing regularly

Happily’s commitment to you

  • Purposeful projects (we screen before it gets to you)

  • Balanced workload (you’re going in with a team)

  • Generous compensation ($150/hr to start + rev share opportunities)

Braintrust products and services

  1. Strategy

    • 4 hour workshop with two members of the braintrust

    • Deck articulating vision, OKRs, program, milestones and org chart

  2. Leadership

    • Leads monthly all-hands meetings

    • On-call support for your leadership team

    • Does not include production or onsite management

  3. Production

    • Selects and hires production management team

    • Selects and hires vendors

The client experience

  1. Discovers the Braintrust through social, press, ad or referral

  2. Receives free consultation and matching by HQ

  3. Places deposit for strategic plan online

  4. Attends virtual workshop led by their braintrust

  5. Receives alert that strategic plan is complete

  6. Pays final balance and add-on services

  7. Receives plan and next steps for additional services

  8. Rates and reviews their experience with the Braintrust

Your deliverables

  1. Strategy plan

    • Attend and lead workshop (virtual)

    • Create and submit deck to Happily HQ, which includes:

      • Vision, OKRs, program draft, production milestones and org chart

  2. Leadership support

    • Set agenda and lead monthly all-hands meeting (virtual)

    • Respond to leadership requests for help within the same business day

    • Circulate post-meeting notes and next steps (please

  3. Production management

    • Submit request for freelancers or vendors

    • Present options to the client

    • Onboard freelancers and vendors

    • Check in with progress to ensure satisfaction

    • Rate and review freelancers and vendors