Hi, I'm Mitali

I’m an executive producer who designs, manages and executes events & experiences through a social impact, cultural, and community lens. I have done a lot of work prospecting and pitching the right partners for events, whether they are with nonprofit / corporate / government / civic / individual stakeholders or sponsors. Whether it's a national jobs tour helping more diverse candidates get a foot in the tech sector or an exclusive retreat with influencers & entrepreneurs tackling a social issue...size doesn't matter...outcomes do! I thrive and love short timelines, creative visions and audacious goals. I’ve produced experiences for up to 300,000 attendees and managed budgets up to $10M.

You might know me from…

  • Tech Jobs Tour

  • Sundance Film Festival

  • Atlanta Braves


Activism & Politics, Education & Nonprofits, Media & Entertainment, Sports, Technology


Brand & sponsor activations, Conferences, Influencer events, Local meetups, Music festivals, Retreats


Brand strategy, Brand creative, Brand partnerships, Digital content, Social Media Marketing, Experiential design, Experiential production, Experiential program

Outside of work, I’m passionate about…

I love cooking and hosting dinner parties. It's a medium which allows me to mirror my work in professional community building for my personal community. In the age of 'busy busy busy,' I strive to be a respite for friends and family to convene, break bread, and have conversations that matter. 

I’m a freelancer because…

I have had the privilege of working for some amazing for-profit and nonprofit leaders throughout my career. I now enjoy the flexibility of being able to pick my teams while working to develop up-and-coming event professionals. I also have a wide variety of interests and a professional roadmap that zig zags across multi-disciplines, causes and sectors. Freelancing allows me to flex different muscles for different clients.