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Case Study 

SCALE is the University of Southern California's inaugural conference about business, entertainment, and technology presented by the Marshall School of Business. The one-day summit brought together 250 VIPs oceanside for a day of talks, VR demos, and power networking. 

Notable speakers:
Bob Iger, CEO of Disney
Eric Garcetti, Mayor of Los Angeles
Adam Cheyer, co-founder of Siri

Event website

USC Scale Eric Garcetti


"I'm so happy we trusted the team at Happily to execute our vision. USC has a long-standing tradition of excellence; they just came in and raised our bar." 

- David Belasco, Executive Director, Lloyd Greif Center for Entrepreneurial Studies



Step 1: Create an Org Chart

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Step 2: Visualize event


Who will come?

Where will this be held?

How much will that cost?



Step 3: Communicate


Weekly meetings, daily emails, floor plans, websites, timelines - all of these items have the sole purpose of communicating your vision. Here you'll see two floor plans of exactly the same room. One is created by a rental company who provided the staging, table, and chairs. The other is from our technical director, who helped communicate exactly how many chairs could fit in the room after all the technical equipment were involved. You can see how a producer helps make sure that all the details are pulled together.

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