Add your Certificate to your Profiles

1. Click the Linkedin Add to Profile button below. You may be prompted to log in.

LinkedIn Add to Profile button

2. You'll have to enter your own certificate information. See example below:

  • Certification name - Add the name of the exam you just completed.
    • You can have more than one certificate on Linkedin. 
    • You can also edit or remove certificates anytime.
  • Certification authority - Enter Happily (Event Services) 
  • License number - Leave this blank.
  • Time period - Enter the month you passed the exam until the Present. Select this certification does not not expire so that it's shown in blue.
  • Certification URL - Enter
  • Share profile changes - Click Yes  
  • If you need any more help, open Linkedin's FAQ

3. You can also download the badge below to post on your website and social media. Please link or tag @teamhappily.