Event Career Coaching

Profile Reviews

Curious to know what clients think when they see your Linkedin, Instagram, or Happily profile? Our facilitated sessions will provide invaluable honest feedback about what your profile says about you. By becoming more self-aware, you'll be better prepared to attract the type of business and clients that you want.

Your session options (both led by a Happily coach): 

  • Group review of one public link (30 mins, up to 10 participants)

  • Private review of one public link (30 mins, includes follow up after edits)

Path Mentoring

It happens to the best of us. We all wonder... Am I on the right path? We've created a safe space for you to explore what your next steps should be. Whether you're thinking about taking the leap into starting your own events business or a burned-out pro trying to figure out your next move, Happily's path mentoring session will give you the perspective and energy that you need to take the next step with confidence. 

    Your session options (both led by a Happily coach): 

    • Peer group mentoring session (60 mins, up to 10 participants) 
    • 1:1 mentoring session (60 mins, done via video conference)