How to Nail Your Interview

August 30, 2019    By Frances Garcia, Team Community Lead

August 30, 2019

By Frances Garcia, Team Community Lead

High-five! Happily HQ just confirmed you booked an interview with the client who has a cool experience you are available to work on. Now it’s time to put the real work in to prepare to meet the client. But don’t worry, we will not hang you out to dry!


Note: If there are days or times that you know you can’t be available, please let us know before the interview. Letting a client know mid-interview or during the matching process can be a dealbreaker for the current gig or future gigs. 

Now let’s get to know what the client is expecting to learn about you during the interview and how you prepare to win them over.


“Early is on time, and on time is LATE!”

If you’re just one minute late, it could rub your interviewer the wrong way. They might even leave the video conference after two minutes. So be ready! You never know, you might be able to get 15 extra minutes to impress your future boss! 

Helpful Hints: 

  • Remember to accept the calendar invite for your interview from Happily HQ

  • Testing 1,2, 3! Check the conference link make sure it works & your wifi signal is strong

  • Take your video call in a space that is clean and quiet, they can see and hear everything

“Dress to impress and for success!”

Never underestimate virtual meetings. What you wear to an interview (in-person or virtual) could set the tone or impact the first impression they have of you. Taking time to clean up & dress appropriately, will tell your interviewer you are ready, alert & serious about this opportunity! Don’t let your dirty laundry, your sweat suit, and messy bun distract the client from your skills.


“Be your best self!”

Personality is the first thing the client evaluates during the interview. They are looking for someone who will be a good reflection of their brand. If there is no synergy during  the interview, it is unlikely that they will not hire you. Also, if you feel like they are not a fit for your personality, complete the interview professionally and politely decline the role privately with Happily HQ. 

Helpful Hints: 

  • Bring positive vibes, smile & make eye contact

  • Have fun & show why you love working in events


“Stay ready, so you don’t have to get ready!”

The next part of the evaluation is to see if you are able to understand the specific needs of the role and how would you be able to provide solutions. In this instance, engage with the interviewer, ask questions and show them that you know your stuff. Based on your responses they are going to see if you have attention to detail, ability to plan for contingencies, organization and time management. 

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Help Hints: 

  • Research the company and your interviewer

  • Practice answering any potential questions that may come up in the interview

  • Write down questions that you may have about the role


Most clients interview several team members at Happily before making a decision. After the interview, the client will let us know if they’d like to move forward with hiring you. After confirming they have funds available, we’ll confirm you on the project and off you’ll go!

Please email for any questions regarding your interview.

Frances Garcia