Installation team

Installation team

from 5,000.00

How it works:

  1. Purchase package or create a plan for a custom order.

  2. Review and interview shortlist of recommended team members.

  3. Select your team, schedule an on-boarding meeting, and go!

Max Days Onsite:
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If permits, schedules, shipping, deliveries, contracts and vendor details don’t sound like your cup of tea, then you have met your match! Happily is full of freelance logistics professionals who love this shit. It’s true!

What’s not included

  • Additional months can be added

  • Staff meals (required if onsite more than 5 hours)

  • Parking (we’ll invoice you after the event)

  • Transportation or delivery in personal cars

What’s included

  • Starts two months before the event

  • Venue scouting and permit coordination

  • Production memo creation and distribution

  • Coordination of shipping and receiving

  • Onsite supervisor with (2) production assistants

  • $3M liability insurance policy