How did Happily start? 

Our founder, Sarah Shewey, was working for TED when she came up with the idea. She was one of the first beta testers of the TEDx concept and experienced firsthand the struggles of organizers trying to find experienced people to run their events, while at the same time her friends getting married were also having a hard time finding day of coordinators for their non-traditional weddings. On the first day of putting a call out to planners in Los Angeles to form a freelance collective, we received more than 100 resumes from awesome people who shared the vision and Happily has hit the ground running ever since! 

What locations do you service?

We're in all the major US cities and it takes us just a few days to find good people in smaller towns. If you're planning an event outside of the US, give us a couple weeks to get you sorted. 

How do you vet your team?

Each of our applicants go through a series of scenario-based tests and group interviews designed by our producers to determine their skill level in specific event types such as weddings, conferences, or fundraisers. 

What's the difference between an Assistant, Coordinator, and Producer?  

Assistants usually have less than a few years of experience with a particular event type; Coordinators have about 5 years of experience, and Producers have been at this for quite a while now. Keep in mind that one person could be say, a Wedding Coordinator and a Conference Assistant at the same time. 

How can I work for Happily?

Apply here. We look forward to meeting you!


Do you choose who I work with or do I choose? 

Your choice. Once you've made a payment to reserve the number of team you'll need, we'll connect you with the top picks from our roster and you'll  then have the option to interview the qualified and available candidates. 

We plan lots of events. What can you do for us?

Awesome! We work with a lot of companies and agencies as their on-call and white labeled freelance team. Contact us and we'll set up a meeting to discuss.

I need some more help with this.

Reach out! Contact us and we'll get in touch right away. 


What type of payments do you accept?

We accept all the major credit cards. For orders more than $10,000 we'll accept checks or bank transfer. Write to us at info@happily.io if this applies to you. 

Can I just put down a deposit or make payments?

This is something we'll consider on a case by case basis. Please contact us and let us know more about your situation. We want to help!