Installation Team - $5000

One coordinator + 3 assistants

  • Coordinator starts two weeks before event
  • Two ten-hour days onsite included for full team
  • Includes insurance up to $3m 
  • Common tasks: create production schedule, finalize floorplans, confirm and manage delivery and setup with vendors.
Max guests:
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What happens next?
1. Check out with a credit card to get started.
2. Within a few hours, we'll send profiles of available locals. 
3. Interview and select your team lead.
4. Have a kickoff call and start delegating tasks! 

Do you pickup and deliver items? 
No. It's also important to know that we can't lift objects over 40 pounds.

Are there any other fees or charges?
You will need to provide meals, parking, and of course any of your costs associated with installation like radios, permits, gaffers tape, etc. 

What will my coordinator do to help me prep?
She'll get up-to-speed about your event, visit the property with you and any vendors involved, help finalize your floorplan, create a production load-in/out schedule, and troubleshoot any issues that come up in the process. 

What will my assistants do onsite? 
They can do a variety of things like unpack, account for inventory, assemble objects, place items, run errands, setup tech equipment, and assist vendors where needed. 

I have more questions or need a custom quote.
Cool, please schedule time to chat with us here.

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