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About Happily's Participation

Our lovely friend Danya, the founder of the supercool Jew-ish living journal Arq, posted on Facebook asking if she knew anyone in the wedding biz who'd want help celebrate the "Jew-ish wedding". We jumped in right away with support. We have helped coordinate many beautiful Jew-ish weddings over the years and even developed a certification for our coordinators to test their knowledge of traditional customs. In fact, a happy omen occurred when a week or so later, Danya found out that Happily was the coordinator for her best friend's wedding! That's the best friend in the picture to the right, taken by our assistant Debbie. :) 

We're thrilled to be a part of the circle of talented and reputable vendors Arq has brought together and wish you the best of luck in winning this special limited edition I AM MY BELOVED wedding package.  

Happily's contribution is our A LITTLE HELP offering, where you can hand over your design plans to our assistants who come the morning of to setup your decor. A 60 minute prep meeting and 5 hours on the wedding day with two assistants are included, along with our design plan template.