Meet Happily's Featured Planner of the Month!

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June 24, 2019

By Frances Garcia, Team Community Lead at Happily

Interview with Jeffree Davis, Happily Planner & Event Production Professional

In honor of Pride Month, we want to continue to promote our stance in support of the LGBTQIA+ community. Happily proudly celebrates everyone's individuality, as it is an asset to our team. Our events are more vibrant, thoughtful, and inviting with our LGBTQIA+ community of planners like Jeffree J. Davis.

We invite all planners to share their journey with us and tell us why they are passionate about this industry. Here is what Jeffree had to say:

Why did you become an event planner and why are you passionate about events?

I became an event planner to add diversity, transmedia, and creative open-mindedness to the industry. I am passionate about events because I love helping people express themselves through visual presentation. The beauty about events is that you can take a simple idea from start to finish, and the pay-off is seeing the final product captivate people by experiencing your work!

What does pride month mean you to personally and what does it mean to you as an event planning professional?

Personally, pride month means that I have the freedom to express myself and being welcomed with open-arms, acceptance and unconditional love.

Professionally, it gives me the power and ability to help others plan their expressions and to show the world who they are, whether it’s a same-sex marriage, LGBT panel/brunch, or a simple gathering of friends to come out to. My approach to event planning, is more than the job. For me it is about connecting, being their confidant and someone they can trust. Once this connection is established, it makes a planner’s job easier to fulfill their ideas and create an event beyond their expectations.

What nonprofit organizations are you currently working with or have worked with that the Happily community can follow & support?

I am passionate about working with nonprofit organizations! Here are a few that I am currently working with and have worked with in the past:

Sarah Shewey