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The easiest way for organizers to launch, build, and scale their communities.

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"The greatest predictor of success and happiness
is social connection." 

- Harvard Business Review, Shawn Achor

 "Do Women’s Networking Events Move the Needle on Equality?"


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The jetpack

Give us a week and we'll get your event business launched faster and better than you could ever imagine on your own. 

  • Business model 
  • Sponsorship deck 
  • Working budget 
  • One page website & registration setup
  • New business & bank account setup (optional) 

"It was impressive to see how fast Happily could understand my business and then show me the path to making it profitable" - Natalia, Pipeline Angels founder


The delegation

Stay focused on the big picture while we handle the details.

What we handle: 

  • Reporting on registration

  • Juggling schedules

  • Maintaining the budget

  • Managing your team 

What you focus on:

  • Outreach to attendees
  • Improving the program
  • Creating partnerships 
  • Inspiring your team 

"Happily is an essential partner for us. The quality and speed of their network is amazing." - Sarelyn, BrunchCon founder


The real return 


We'll help you craft, send, and evaluate smart surveys that make sure you're making a difference in all aspects of your community.