Meet Jessica Chan

Tell us about your journey in the event industry so far. 

I always knew I wanted to do events since elementary school, so in college I reached out to as many people as I could to intern. I started with a boutique wedding planner, then a DJ and lighting company. I even worked part time jobs at cafes and bartending so I could know the food side of the hospitality industry. I started with Happily in my 2nd or 3rd year of college as an assistant. I got a full time job at the Hornblower yacht company in Marina del Rey, worked there for 3 years and now I'm at my dream job working events for Disney.

How did Happily help you achieve your dream job? 

I shadowed so many planners and learned something new at every single wedding. I take all of these lessons and apply them to my job now. Now, when I work with assistants and give them tips along the way, I feel like I'm handing over the baton. 

What's it like working for Disney?

The scale here is 100x larger. For instance, the press event I'm working on this week is for 1,100 people to promote the opening of a new attraction. My role is tiny compared to everyone in it. Just for this event, I'm doing the amenities part, so I designed the swag bags and tracking the items going around. I oversee the check-in process book flights and hotels, assisting interview scheduling for the media. 

How do you balance your day job with your Happily hustle? 

I have a full-time job Monday to Friday, so while I look at the cool opportunities at Happily for the corporate events, I pass them up so I can easily take on the wedding gigs which can be done at night and on the weekends.