The Big Day Package is only $1999.

The Big Day Package is designed specifically for do-it-yourself couples who will book all their vendors directly and just need a stellar team to coordinate the installation and timing of their wedding vision. We've won awards for our day of coordination, and perfected our system after hundreds of DIY weddings so that you can enjoy the moment with your friends and family.


Upon booking: 

  • A coordinator and team of assistants are assigned to the big day. 

  • Meet your coordinator via phone or video conference.

  • Use our professional planning templates to stay organized.

  • Check out exclusive discounts from our friendors.

  • Unlock the option to add on monthly planning support for $99/mo

Two months before the big day: 

  • Book all your vendors and share your contracts.

  • We'll co-create a final timeline for the day.

  • You'll visit the venue with your coordinator.

The month of the wedding:

  • We'll confirm final details with your vendors.
  • We'll orchestrate your rehearsal at the venue.
  • Team Happily coordinates your day (10 hours included).


What will your team do on the day? 
We'll set up decor, oversee load-in/load-out, work with your vendors to make sure plans go as scheduled, help you and your wedding party stay focused on what's important at the moment.

OK. What don't you do?
Things that could be unsafe like light fireworks, climb ladders more than 8' tall, food handling, hold your inventory overnight, drive guests around, or lift things more than 25 pounds. 

When can I meet my coordinator? 
After you've booked, we'll connect you with the best available coordinator. You can request a coordinator change at any time. 

What if I don't like my coordinator?
It's rare to happen, but if it does - no worries! We have the largest network of vetted coordinators in the country and we can replace your coordinator within 24 hours. 

Are there any additional fees?
Nope, the price is all-inclusive. You can add on monthly meetings with your coordinator for $99/month if you'd like but that's totally optional. 

Please inquire with for more questions. We're happy to help!