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Experiential Expertise

Happily’s Braintrust is a collective of freelance executives who are experts in creating experiential marketing campaigns, publicity stunts, pop ups, conferences, retreats, brand activations, tours, meetups, workshops, and pretty much any other in-person gathering you can think of.

Our Strategy offering is a highly collaborative and goal-oriented approach to rapidly designing experiences with relevancy and longevity. We give you two executives to lead a workshop and deliver a strategic plan within a week. At its best implementation, the Braintrust Strategy elevates your thinking and aligns your current and future stakeholders around a common vision of success at every step of the production.

How it works

  1. Book strategy session

  2. Review and select two Braintrust members

  3. Participate in a half-day virtual workshop with your stakeholders

  4. Review and discuss strategic plan created by your Braintrust

  5. Implement plan with your team and/or ours

Workshop agenda (sample)

  1. Intros

  2. Vision / Purpose

  3. OKRs: Objectives & Key Results

  4. Target Audience

  5. Program Ideas

  6. Resources and Next steps

Plan deliverables (sample)

  1. Vision / Purpose

  2. OKRs

  3. Audience Journey Map

  4. Program / run of show draft

  5. Production schedule with milestones

  6. Organization chart


We’re the brains, and we have a team of over 50,000 juniors who can be the braun on your project. The Braintrust can be tapped for additional leadership services to project manage and help your executives trouble shoot as well as book the production team to execute on the plan.

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