Strategy Session

Strategy Session

from 2,500.00

How it works

  1. Purchase half-day strategy session

  2. Schedule session and invite any of your teammates to join

  3. Attend meeting and facilitate any follow up 1:1s

  4. Executive producer to deliver a strategy deck within 5-7 business days

  5. Regroup to discuss and approve work moving forward

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This is the fastest way to figure out what works and won’t work at SXSW. Our award-winning producers have experience working both inside and outside SXSW walls, and they’re ready to help you create a successful brand campaign. Strategy sessions are custom designed to refine your ideas and build an action plan.

What’s included

  • Pre-meeting consultation and agenda setting.

  • Half day workshop led by an executive producer

  • Final deliverable of a strategic plan to include:

    • Goals and metrics

    • Attendee personas & journey maps

    • Program and activation ideas

    • Production schedule

    • Top line budget

  • Free 1 month trial of our Enterprise Plus plan ($2,999 value)

    • 20% off all Happily freelancers

    • Pay vendor invoices directly or on your next month’s bill with Happily

    • Executive producer on call for up to 8 hours/month