A Point Person - $1000

Your coordinator is your right hand, and left one too! She'll start working with you about 2 months before the wedding to know everything about your plans for the day. 

  • Two meetings to finalize your schedule and floorplan
  • Confirms plans and details with your venue & vendors
  • One hour at the venue to manage the rehearsal
  • Ten hours on the wedding day to coordinate all.
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What happens next?
1. Checkout with a credit card and share wedding details.
2. Within 24 hours, we'll introduce you to your coordinator.
3. Schedule meetings to finalize your timeline and floorplan. 
4. Share your vendor contracts and we'll say hi and confirm details.
5. Confirm the rehearsal day/time with us and your wedding party. 
6. Relax and enjoy the incredible wedding you planned!

What happens on the day?
Every day is unique and laid out during your timeline meeting, but generally your coordinator is constantly checking in with everyone (you, your wedding party, your guests, and your vendors) to make sure they're where they need to be, have everything they need, and happily participating in your day the way you imagined.

Why does my venue require a day of coordinator?
Venue coordinators are super helpful, but it’s important to remember that their responsibility is first and foremost to protecting and running the operations of the venue. Your Happily coordinator is responsible for protecting you and overseeing the operations of your venue and vendors.  

What is your travel fees policy?
Please contact us if your wedding is in a remote location where the majority of your guests are staying overnight. We'll first try to find a local coordinator, but you may need to cover for gas, a night or two of an Airbnb or hotel in your room block, plus a reasonable daily stipend. It's usually an extra $350-500.

Please contact info@happily.io if you have any other questions!

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