Why Team Happily?



Because you're freaking out.

Freak out no more. Unless you're listening to Chic and out on a dance floor. We've already tested out our team for all types of skill sets - everything from how well they know Google Drive to how well they gracefully handle crowds and divas. See you on the dance floor!


Because you're only one person.

A totally super-human person, for sure. Even still, there comes a point where you need to delegate all of your hard work to people you can trust. That point may be now. We've got you. Just think - with the press of a button you can have a team of pros take your party to the next level. Bwahaha! It's so easy!



Because we love the details.

Maybe you're just like us and get happy whenever everything is *exactly* in place. Ever thought of moonlighting? ;) Or maybe you're the creative type who hates logistics and needs a partner to make your wild dreams come true. Please say hi. We'll be happily at your service.