Why Team Happily?



Because you're freaking out.

Freak out no more. Unless you're listening to Chic and out on a dance floor. We've already tested out our team for all types of skill sets - everything from how well they know Google Drive to how well they gracefully handle crowds and divas. See you on the dance floor!



Because you're only one person.

A totally super-human person, for sure. Even still, there comes a point where you need to delegate all of your hard work to people you can trust. That point may be now. We've got you. Just think - with the press of a button you can deploy event management teams in cities around the world to execute your master plan. Bwahaha! It's so easy!



Because we love the details.

Maybe you're just like us and get happy whenever everything is *exactly* in place. Ever thought of moonlighting? ;) Or maybe you're the creative type who hates logistics and needs a partner to make your wild dreams come true. Please say hi. We'll be happily at your service.